Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yippie-Skippies - ( April 22 - Archuleta back on the Idol stage) !

It's finally confirmed -  the Snarkies found it HERE
So, mark your calenders, set your Tivo's - and just don't forget! I'm tuning into Idol anyway so I'm just going to do things as I always do. lol


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Archies Newest Vlog

He vlogs alot from airports. And many of the airports have been really cool looking. This one - a little spooky. He was walking down that hallway for a loooooooong time!

But it's still an amazing vlog!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh, yeah. The Snarkies interview.

Really sports-car-speedy post.
Here are parts TWO, THREE, and FOUR- Four is titled "bestpart". I actually haven't gotten to that one yet so I can only say , I hope it is!

P.S. : This is only my two cents on the Michael Buble thing. David was texting as they were asking the question. It's possible the "evil eye", as people have been calling, was induced by the text and not the mention of the Buble. lol  It's certainly more fun to think of it being for Buble (unless your a fan of Buble, too, and you're dreaming of a duet of the two singers, lol) but it is quite possible it was the text. Possible and just more likely really. Really, really.

Mmmmkay, where to began - Archies touring Asia...

I haven't posted in a while but there's loads of news. Here's the round-up, in a completely nonchronological order:
He put up a new vlog from Malasia! - - -> HERE

He's got this twitter-like thing going, and going, and going, on HERE
I like it.

Archies arrival at the Changi Airport in Singapore on April 5 is HERE
I like how he really looks like he just stepped off the plane! But, did he look "bad" - no, no, no. :)

Members of his band have been blogging. These are blogs, via Snarky Archies, from ELI and ALEX. They're fun.

An update on the upcomming episode of Hannah Montanna he's guest staring on is over on fans of David right HERE. They caught it by way of Just Jared Jr; that site is so good for Archie news.

Soon, I'll do another little round-up (those last words made me think of Lil'Rounds,lol - Idol is getting so intense - I reeeally wanted the judges to use that save for Scott, anyway...), as David is doing sooooo many interviews, I'll gather up my faves and post them on here. For now, peace.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

KCA Vlog by Archie!

Find more videos like this on DAVID ARCHULETA

He got to play with slime!!!

Reminder: Cook's on Idol Tonight!!!

Cook will perform! And Lady Gaga will perform tonight, too. Should be a great show. Except for the someone going home part. lol When are the judges planning to use that save; are they saving it for someone special?
Don't forget to tune into the show.