Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh, yeah. The Snarkies interview.

Really sports-car-speedy post.
Here are parts TWO, THREE, and FOUR- Four is titled "bestpart". I actually haven't gotten to that one yet so I can only say , I hope it is!

P.S. : This is only my two cents on the Michael Buble thing. David was texting as they were asking the question. It's possible the "evil eye", as people have been calling, was induced by the text and not the mention of the Buble. lol  It's certainly more fun to think of it being for Buble (unless your a fan of Buble, too, and you're dreaming of a duet of the two singers, lol) but it is quite possible it was the text. Possible and just more likely really. Really, really.

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