Monday, March 23, 2009

I Feel A Bit Bad For Cook...

I feel a bit bad for him.. whilst envying his wisdom and strategy in doing this!

Cook's blog - let's read:
Hey everyone,
First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been coming out to the shows since my last post. The vibe at these shows has been amazing.
Secondly, I have to address some behavior that has become disturbing. We pride ourselves on being accessible to you as fans, but in contrast, we do enjoy what little privacy we can muster. To that end, the efforts by some fans to find our hotel rooms, call our hotel rooms, attach things to our bus, etc., is something I have to condemn. This relationship only works when it remains healthy for both parties, and should this behavior continue, the only thing we can do is take more preventative measures to maintain our privacy, which in turn makes us less accessible to you.
I hope this doesn’t come off as harsh. I merely want to nip this in the bud so we can continue to have a great experience with all of you at the shows we have coming up. Take care and see you at the next show.

Okay, (up until now) I'm only subscribed to Archies blog - I knew Cook had one also but didn't find it as interesting the first time I read it or something; not as captivating as Archies writings, lol. Cooks newest blog has caught not only my attention but loads of people. Sadly, in a negative way. At least I (and probably many more people) have subscribed now (!), that may make Cook feel a bit better? No, probably not. lol

Back to the main issue. He's basically asking fans to, I guess, calm down. Bring your manners to his shows. Stop scaring him, lol. Some of the stories of stuff going down at his shows (alllllll of which surely - well, hopefully, aren't true) are pretty terrible. People doing very offensive things. Check the link at the end of this post for more on that (WARNING: It's disturbing/PG:13-ish ). I won't list any as I don't know if they're true. And, I don't want that junk on my blog, lol. If any of those stories are true, his blog on this is definitely more than due. Also, for the not so completely nutty things, like, people invading his privacy, I think many people just didn't know they were being bothersome in anyway. Really. They probably didn't think about it from that angle at all. Now he's got everyone thinking more. Plus, he asked super-duper politely - I'm wishing Cook happy (and as private as he'd like) travels!

The link to where I pick this up (since, remember, I wasn't subscribed to his blog before, lol):
"Cook Calls Out His Scary Fans" - lol

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