Friday, March 27, 2009

A Super, Cool Review for Archuleta's Tour!

Okay, there are tons of interesting reviews for Archies shows all oner the net and in newspapers, as his shows are really good, but, this one I particularly enjoyed reading.

Here's my fav. snippet:
I must refute the constant claim that Archuleta's fans are all teen-age girls. While, yes, there were quite a few matching that description in the crowd, there were also plenty of men and women of all ages. In the pit in front of the stage, easily 40 percent of the people singing along and bopping up and down were male.
As for the show, well, it was fantastic. If you liked David during "Idol," you would probably like him even more now. His stage presence has obviously benefited from months of live performances. And as the reviewer for the local newspaper noted, nary an off note was heard all night.
There are three things about David Archuleta that strike me as refreshing:
• His technical singing skills are rare among pop singers. His powerful voice completely fills the venue — and yet he always resists the temptation to go over the top.
• You can't help but notice how much he simply loves music and singing. He's been called a human jukebox because of the way he breaks into song every time he hears a phrase that reminds him of a song lyric.
 I LOVE the human jukebox thing. It reminds me of the B96 interview (one of his best) where the guy hands him the new, "upgraded" Carmax lip balm and Archie sings a bit of Beyonces "Upgrade U."


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