Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kids Choice Awards Super-Duper-Speedy Recap

Okay, so you probably already know this but Archie spent time chatting with many reporters on the red carpet before the KCA and A.I. won choice reality show. He and Paula accepted the award! She let him do most of the talking. lol

- PopstarMag caught him on the orange carpet!

Other various tidbits:

Popstarmagazine ask's him about his AI 09' picks - LINK

MTV's Buzzworthy blog's got pic's - LINK

RADAR Interviewed him - he described his dream girl *giggles* - LINK

NeonLimelite discussed Archie, The Jo-Bro's and other guys fashions (the comments are mostly on Archies - because, you know, he looked the best) - LINK

If you want it all I KRUNCHD it into this one LINKY-LINK

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